About Us

Support Through K-State Community Involvement...

The Wichita Catbackers Club is co-sponsored by the KSU Athletic Department, the KSU Alumni Association, and Wichita volunteers.  This club is one of many KSU athletic booster organizations from across Kansas and the nation who have joined together to share their pride in Kansas State University with each other and the communities in which they are located.  Catbacker members and their families include alumni, friends, current and former students, fans and parents of Kansas State University students.
Organized in 1980, the Wichita Catbackers Club has hundreds of members and provides organized events year round in support of KSU athletics.  Each year we contribute thousands of dollars to the Ahearn Fund to support Kansas State University student athletes.  Our primary sources of revenue come from membership dues and money raised at the annual Wichita Powercat SummerFest and the Powercat Open.  In addition to the summer banquet and golf tournament, the club also organizes watch parties, local shopping events, tailgating parties, away game travel adventures, and many other events throughout the year.  We continue to expand our programs and encourage your participation in, and suggestions for, new events and activities.

The Wichita Catbacker Athletic Scholarship

The year 2008 marked a major advancement in the Wichita Catbacker's fund-raising efforts. In every previous year, the Wichita Catbackers donated their earnings to the Mike Ahearn Scholarship for Student Athletes. Now, each year's donated earnings will be divided between the Ahearn Fund and our Endowed (or permanent) Scholarship. What does this mean for Wichita Catbackers? This Endowed Athletic Scholarship will give the Wichita Catbackers the opportunity to place an emphasis on this scholarship being given to student athletes from the Wichita area. Thanks to a healthy base of generous Wichita Catbacker donors, the $350,000 endowment goal should not be hard to reach! Now Wichita Catbackers can rest assured that their locally-raised funds will go towards locally-raised athletes.